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No one cares where we're coming from, no one cares if we're doing wrong. Losing motives for moving on, our generation has lost it's tone!
These Florida boys are leaving their performance mark on the local, regional, and state rock music scene. StoneGrey has played Florida venues in Tampa, St. Petersburg, Orlando, Ft Lauderdale and Sarasota.

Having recently locally opened for the nationally touring rock bands Hinder, Candlebox, Black Tide and Enuff Z Nuff; StoneGrey’s bay area reputation for offering a high quality performance and engaging original music is highly regarded among bay area promoters and agents. Their original music has been played on 97X and 102.5 The Bone locally and in more than 40 states nationwide as well as internationally in the United Kingdom, Indonesia, and Eastern Europe via terrestrial and internet radio.

Here is what some of the local scene is saying about StoneGrey:

"StoneGrey is THE template for what a great rock band should be!"- Jerry “Lazy” Dufrain; Owner; Orpheum; Tampa, Florida

"Musically, you guys are f***ing phenomenal!" - Jesse Kage, Kage Cult Show, 98 Rock; Tampa, Florida

"This is the truth. I woke up this morning thinking, I get to hear Tristan play again tonight!" – Jerry “Lazy” Dufrain; Owner; Orpheum; Tampa, Forida

Having been together for over 4 years, StoneGrey has grown and evolved from the quintessential garage band to a legitimate force in the local music scene. Their youth rarely escapes attention, but when audiences and other musicians hear them play, their response is most often the equivalent of an online, OMG! They have talent beyond their years, but more so, they have a passion for what they do and it shows. They know they can hang musically with most, if not all, of the bands in the area. They have been looking for and have gained that measure of respect and acceptance to have finally moved beyond the “kid band” persona. These guys are the real deal!

StoneGrey consists of Eric Whitener on vocals and rhythm guitar, Tristan Dusek on lead guitar, and Tyler Dusek on percussion and backup vocals. Each bring their own style to the band, but more so their unique talents. Each possesses something special, whether it is Tristan (Trip) absolutely “killing it” on guitar, Eric delivering vocals with raw, rare talent, or Tyler expertly holding it all together with his knowledge of music and his unmatched timing. As an ensemble, StoneGrey just “clicks”. They have that special chemistry, as well as the look, the charisma and the appeal to continually push the success envelope. StoneGrey is the real thing make no mistake.

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